October Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Bridget Krasowsky's Kingfish

Bridget Krasowsky’s Kingfish

As October draws on and we wind our way towards winter, the fishing continues to be spectacular in the bay around Lands End Marina. A continuation of summer fish species and the introduction of a few new ones make this month a great time to visit us and drop a line

Black Drum

Black Drum are starting to show up and the numbers should only increase in the coming months. These fish are huge. Already, we’re seeing Drum between 20 and 40 pounds. They are biting on crabs, shrimp, mussels and artificial grubs. Although they’re not good eating, Black Drum put up a fight, and it’s always fun to catch and release one of these monsters.


These tasty game fish are showing up and biting in the Bay right now. A good place to find them is around bridges. Using a shovel to scrape the barnacles off a bridge piling is a great way to chum sheepshead. Within 10 to 20 minutes they’ll be swarming, ready to bite on shrimp, crab or mussels. Use a small hook to keep them from stealing bait.


These fish aren’t very big but they pack a lot of bang per bite and are a favorite Florida eating fish. Pompano love live bait; especially shrimp, sand fleas, and fiddler crabs. They will also hit yellow, white and pink bucktails. They prefer clean, moving water, so look for them near the beach, or around bridges and other structures with visible water movement.


  • Redfish are still schooling in the Bay. Best bets are always early clear and calm mornings.
  • Grouper are a Gulf staple and are biting well on both live and cut bait.
  • Spanish mackerel are plentiful in the channel and around radio towers and bridge pilings.
  • Several smoker Kings have been caught recently by flat lining live baits while bottom fishing in and around the shipping channels that chris cross the bay.
  • Trout is the Bay’s most popular game fish. Look for them on grass flats with white, sandy potholes until the weather cools.
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