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Lands End not only provides factory service for several motor lines using OEM parts but we can also supply the do-it-yourselfer with quality products to keep your engine running strong. We can provide you with factory engine parts, oils, lubes, and accessories for your:

We stock many common maintenance parts here at the Marina but can get you anything you need for your outboard or gas-powered sterndrive. If we don’t have it we are more than happy to order it for you. The parts department is available to look up parts for your motor Monday thru Friday from 8-5. If you know your part numbers feel free to call on the weekends and our staff will be more than happy to check stock. If you need help looking up your parts, our parts department can look up anything you need Monday thru Friday.

Tips for helping us get you the right parts:

Information is power! Since every engine manufactured has several versions, the more we know about the motor you are working on the better. Fuel systems, ignition systems, and exhaust systems can vary from year to year. Last year’s motor looks like this year’s motor but may have different parts. Marine motors in general use serial numbers or engine plate numbers to identify which model it is. If you can provide us with that number it will really help narrow down which motor we are looking at which will make getting your parts fast and easy.

Typical locations for engine serial numbers include:

If you can’t find the serial number of an engine give us a call and we will tell you
where to look.

* there are absolutely no returns on electrical parts or special order items