Hi & Dry Boat Storage

Imagine spending a peaceful day on the pristine waters of Tampa Bay without the hassle of loading and launching your boat. Now you can experience all the joys of boat ownership without the headaches with full-service hi & dry boat storage at Lands End Marina.

Proudly serving the Tampa Bay Area, we offer state-of-the-art hi & dry storage facilities for fishing and pleasure boats up to 32 feet. Our enclosed storage racks keep your boat safe from the elements, and round-the-clock camera surveillance gives you peace of mind. Storing your boat out of the water prevents corrosive damage to props and shafts from prolonged exposure to seawater and reduces the need for costly hull cleaning and repairs.

Choose Lands End Marina for superior:


Over 100 racks customized to fit boats of almost every style and shape.


At Lands End, you can use your boat on your schedule. Whether you’re setting out on an annual fishing trip or enjoying a spontaneous sunset cruise, just give us a call and we’ll have your boat in the water and awaiting your arrival. Early morning departures are no problem. Just phone ahead the day before. Enjoy twilight cruises at your convenience. Boats returned after hours will be cleaned and racked first thing the following morning.


Lands End Marina is more than a boat storage facility. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. We’ll rinse off your boat every time it’s put in the water. When you return to the marina, we’ll pull the boat, pressure wash the hull, and flush the engine(s) to remove saltwater from the cooling system before returning it to your assigned rack.


Lands End Marina offers competitive rates in a beautifully maintained environment staffed with friendly and attentive employees who are always happy to answer any questions.

Outside Racking

We’ll happily move your boat to one of our outdoor racks for do-it-yourself detailing or routine maintenance.

Call today for a free estimate on hi & dry storage, and start living the good life.